About us

inSites is the statistics solution for website owners who care about the privacy of their visitors, as well as the environment.

We developed the software within just under two years. Nevertheless, inSites is still in its infancy. For anyone who joins us on the journey as an early adopter, we are very grateful.

Why did we create inSites

As a web design agency that has been successful since 2011 with over 300 projects and 4 awards won, the question of an analytics tool came up frequently from our clients.

As the trend of large corporations offering these solutions points in a direction where privacy and data protection are neglected in favor of marketing and profit, we felt less and less comfortable integrating the well-known free tools into the websites we created for our clients.

Because their product is not free in the end either. You pay with data and information.

It quickly became clear: a better solution was needed. With respect for the anonymity of the users and yet in real time and with reliable allocation of sessions and measurement of conversions. We can do that!

During the development of inSites, of course according to the latest technological standards and on a solid hosting basis, a new idea came up that would make the product even better: through the number of page views, the possible measurement of page weight (the kB size of each page), as well as the open database of green hosting providers of all websites, we can sufficiently meaningfully calculate the CO2 emission of each website!

With this USP we are the first and create awareness for the footprint of each website - and at the same time solve the offsetting of the emissions in an automated way with the help of atmosfair.

So with inSites we do our part to make it easy for every website owner to understand the impact of the digital world on the environment and also help to tackle the problem.

Who we are

We founded the forerunner of teege.me GmbH, which was incorporated in 2015, in 2011 as a trio: Martin Lanman Niese, Kristian Schl├╝ter, and Tim Teege. In the meantime, the team has grown to six people. Maxim Dremin, Holger Milde, and Joscha Probst have joined us. Together we combine a lot of experience in pretty much all areas of (web/app) design and want to increasingly use our skills for the good of mankind. As a modern company, we work together completely remotely, partly from other continents.

There are no hierarchies in our company, we decide together and everyone has a voice that is noticed. Salary structures are fair and equal, and we donate 25% of our profits to charity, including Doctors Without Borders and the UN Humanitarian Fund so far.

The future of inSites

We have experience in creating and operating software-as-a-service products, as inSites is, since 2007 and would like to operate and expand inSites at least as long, preferably indefinitely. It is clear that this requires a solid financial basis - in this case in the form of a sufficient number of website operators who like to use inSites and help us with their feedback to set the right priorities in the further development of the software.

In the long term, we would like to make inSites a permanent pillar of our agency, and we would like it to play an even bigger role in our day-to-day work than it does now.

Become a part of the solution!

To support this purpose, the best option is to become one of our customers! Feel free to test inSites.app with your website for 14 days for free - whether you generate 1,000 or 10,000,000 pageviews per month, it doesn't matter.

Website statistics, with respect for the privacy of all visitors and carbon offsetting, made with love by teege.me.