Why does inSites cost something when Google Analytics is free?

Hundreds of hours of work have gone into inSites, and we are far from finished. Every day we work on improving inSites or adding new features. But that is not the only reason why inSites costs something. There are two other reasons:

Performance vs. privacy - not with us.

We - quite deliberately - don't earn anything with your data. Google, on the other hand, earns its money with advertising - tailored as precisely as possible to the respective target group. To do this, Google collects as much data as possible. For all the functions that Google Analytics offers website operators, they pay with their own data and the data of their website visitors. We think this is not a very fair exchange. That's why we built inSites.

Carbon offsetting included

We also offer you an automatic carbon offset for your website. For this we calculate with the help of an algorithm how much carbon emissions are caused by your website every month and offset them with the help of These compensation payments are already included in the monthly fee, so there are no additional costs for you. So you can sit back, relax and celebrate a little for contributing to a fair and better internet with your monthly fee.