Bounce rate

The bounce rate shows you what percentage of your visitors leave the page without looking at another subpage.

For example, if the bounce rate is 80%, this means that 80% of your total visitors only looked at the page they arrived at and then left the page again.

Whether your bounce rate is bad or good can't be said across the board and depends heavily on your content and page structure. In general, it is said that a value at 60% is relatively normal.

A high rate can be an indication that your visitors are not finding the content they are looking for on your site.

However, loading times, the amount of advertising and easy navigation can also influence the bounce rate.

Visit duration

Shows you how much time your visitors spend on average on your entire website.

Unique visitors

The number of different visitors on your website.

Regardless of how long visitors stay on your site and how many pages they view.

Page views

These are the total page views. As an example: If a visitor lands on your site and then views another four subpages, five PageViews are counted.


Here you can see from which countries your users come.

Our value is an estimate, which is not always exactly 100% accurate. This is due to the fact that due to data protection we do not track the exact origin and shorten the IP address of the visitors before processing. Our value is based on data from the free GeoIP database from MaxMind and is accurate on average 98.5% of the time.


Here you can see which devices visitors used to view your site. Whether with a smartphone, a tablet or on a big screen.

This statistic is useful for example if you want to know for which screen sizes you should optimize your website and it helps you to use in which situations the visitors* come to your site. Together with other statistics such as the time of visits, it is easy to see whether your visitors arrive at your website on the go from a cell phone, or rather at their workplace with a large monitor.

Operating systems

Shows you which operating system your visitors have installed.


The referrals show you through which other website your visitors have found your website. They provide you with valuable insights into how visitors come to your site.


This section shows you which of your individual pages have been called up how often and are therefore probably the most popular.