This is why inSites is the perfect Google Analytics alternative

Complex vs. Simple

Google Analytics is complicated and it often requires a longer learning curve to find your way around it. Due to the huge data collection frenzy and the resulting amounts of data, there are countless menu items and settings where many people find it difficult to get the data they want at a glance.

With inSites, we have placed great emphasis on a compact and clear presentation of all important data. This makes inSites intuitive to use and perfect for a quick overview of all relevant usage data.

This way you'll find out faster where your visitors come from and which of your pages are being called up.

No worries about the GDPR and e-privacy regulation.

Unlike Google Analytics, inSites does not collect any personal data from your visitors. Since inSites does not use cookies either - i.e. it works cookieless - you do not have to set a cookie banner for inSites, nor do you have to ask for active consent for visitor data tracking, as is actually the case with Google Analytics.

In contrast to Google, inSites does not want to track your visitors as precisely and individually as possible. On the contrary: inSites attaches great importance to the privacy of your visitors.

Therefore, a unique hash is calculated for each visitor based on several pieces of information (anonymized and shortened IP, user agent). The actual IP is not stored by inSites. To ensure that this hash is unique, but cannot be traced back to individual visitors, a randomly generated string ("salt") is additionally generated for further calculation of the user hash, which is not stored permanently at any time. This way you get clear and important statistics about your website without reading the profiles and personal data of your visitors. So it's a win-win!

To make it short: Whether the use of Google Analytics in Europe is legal at all is still controversial. With inSites, however, you are safe, because inSites does not store any personal data and therefore does not fall under the regulations of the GDPR.

No money with your data

Google earns its money with advertising. In order to target these as accurately as possible, Google tries to collect as much data as possible and to categorize all Internet users as precisely as possible according to their interests and characteristics.

This is also the reason why Google Analytics is free. It delivers all information about your visitors directly to the advertising departments and partner companies.

We at inSites don't care what else your visitors do on the Internet, what their preferences are and whether they might need a new washing machine soon.

The data that inSites collects is exclusively yours and only there to give you an overview of the visitors to your website - and no one else.

inSites does not sell your data, does not use it for advertising purposes and will never share it with other companies. This is also one of the reasons why inSites is not free, unlike Google Analytics.

Carbon offsetting included

Did you know that all internet usage in Germany emits about as much carbon as air travel?

With inSites, we therefore not only want to improve privacy on the Internet, but also ensure that the Internet's carbon footprint improves.

Therefore inSites shows you the carbon emissions of your website and offsets them once a month with the help of Automatically and without you having to do anything.

In addition, inSites gives you tips in the dashboard on how you can further reduce the carbon footprint of your website with simple tricks.

Fast script, fast installation and more data

The inSites script is easy to install and, at only 0.2 kilobytes, significantly smaller and therefore more efficient than the Google Analytics tracking script. This improves the performance of your website. And another advantage: Many ad and tracking blockers recognize that inSites does not store personal data and do not block the inSites script. As a result, you often get even more accurate access data than from Google Analytics.

Support your local!

We are a small team of developers and designers from Germany. We financed the development of inSites completely by ourselves and without investors through our agency work. Therefore we are not dependent on anyone and do exactly what we think is right.

All data is hosted in Germany. Of course only on servers running on green energy.

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